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Another Me 30 Day Challenge

Another Me 30 Day Challenge

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There are 30 Days Challenge notes in this small box, just pull one out every day and keep completing the challenge to lead you to a more exciting life for the next 30 days! Each note paper also has detailed task content on the back, you can tear off the note paper after completing the task, stick it to encourage yourself where you like, or put it on social media to attract other friends to challenge with you! The “30 Day Challenge” is very meaningful whether it is a gift or for personal use, allowing us to re-experience these ordinary but beautiful little things.

Thirty days of wonderful life!

Modern people always forget the ordinary but important little things in life, from today, start changing your life! Open Pandora’s little box and find daily quests, thirty days of challenges to relive these wonderful moments.


30 activity prompt cards
Material: Paper
Box Size: 20 x 13 x 9cm

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