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Jewelry display cabinet wine tray

Jewelry display cabinet wine tray

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Material: white porcelain
Product No.: golden deer wine bottle rack
Process: color glaze
Category: Animal
Material type: porcelain
Surface technology: glazing
Decorative patterns: fish, insects, birds and animals
Hanging form: Decoration
Production method: semi manual and semi mechanical
Style: American style
Modeling: Animal
Packaging: carton packaging
Suitable for gift giving occasions: wedding, graduation, housewarming
Applicable to gift giving relationship: younger generation, lovers, colleagues, friends, classmates
Applicable festivals: New Year's day, Halloween, Easter, national day


Astyle: Elk wine stand
Bstyle: Elk wine stand
Cstyle: moose wine stand
Dstyle: Elk wine tray - Green
Esstyle: Elk wine tray - white

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